App Installation

Step 1

Go to phone setting and Choose Language - English (India).

Step 2

Jump into Apple, Google Play or Amazon App Store and Search playbrush.

Step 3

Install Playbrush Kids App / Playbrush App for Adults.

Step 4

Allow Playbrush app to turn on Bluetooth.

Step 5

Enable location, to help phone/tablet to establish a Bluetooth connection with the playbrush.

Step 6

Connect your phone/tablet with Playbrush using Bluetooth.

Step 7

Choose a game you desire in the app while brushing.

Step 8

Brushing Coach educates children to brush all around the mouth for 2 minutes.

Step 9

Get Brushing Overview on daily basis in status.

Step 10

Go to settings- There you can create an account, Set toothbrush reminders, Brushing Time, Language, and other general settings.